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Camille's a Man's Name!


Camille Vidan
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Zeta's Pulse

This angry young man is the star pilot of the AEUG paramilitary group. A resident of the Green Noa 1 space colony, Camille is a budding juvenile delinquent with a hot temper and a searing hatred of authority figures. He also has something of a complex about his feminine name and, as the story begins Camille comes to blows with a member of the elite Titans unit over it. After clashing with the Titans he aids AEUG lieutenant Quattro Bajina in the theft of the Titans' Gundam MK II unit, and soon after he is invited to join their ranks as a mobile suit pilot. He is adopted under the wing of Quattro, who soon reveals to him his true identity as Char Aznable.

How can you kill people so easily?!


The son of two Federation military engineers, Camille's proven himself a talented engineer in his own right by entering junior mobile suit competitions.Initially assigned to pilot the stolen Gundam MK II, Camille collaborates with Anaheim Electronics representatives to create the Zeta Gundam, his cherished personal mobile suit. An adaptable mobile suit with a versatile supply of armaments, the Zeta Gundam is capable of switching between its mobile suit form and a jetlike 'Waverider' mode. The Zeta Gundam is also equipped with a biosensor, an experimental operating system designed to interact with Camille's budding Newtype abilities, often in unpredictable ways.

Zeta ; Etha ; Theta ; Iota

Camille Vidan Is Newtype Love